Monday, August 20, 2012

The West Coast Girl Goes East Coast

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been too busy living. I will try to do better because I have lots of observations about my new life.

In the past month:
• We completed our final move to Maryland.
• We hosted a number of family members from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.
• Peter became a godfather to an adorable little cousin.
• I’ve become an official resident of Maryland with both a license and voter registration.
• We have covered the vineyard with bird netting. Though we have nothing against birds, we have everything against them eating our profits.
• I have placed a German exchange student with a family in Great Mills.
• I have worked at the winery helping label bottles and working the tasting room. I have also applied for a solicitor’s license so that I can sell our wine to stores and restaurants within Maryland.
• We have made many kebabs! I have also diced our abundant peppers and frozen them for the winter. I’ve cooked our abundant tomatoes and made them into sauce. And I’ve turned our excess basil into an excess of pesto.
• Our dog has reacquainted himself with the local skunk population.

In the upcoming month, I will be:
• Sending Peter back to Seattle for a month.
• Kayaking with Erin at Mallows Bay Park, a WWI ship graveyard on the Potomac, considered to be the largest in the Northern or Western Hemisphere (depending upon the source). (See for an excellent history of the site.)
• Driving Erin to college in Massachusetts. Since she is near the King Arthur Flour complex in Norwich, Vermont, I hope to also pay a visit there. Charles and I will return via New York’s Hudson River Valley, so he can see where his grandpa grew up.
• Sending Charles back to Oregon. We’ll see him again in December.
• Overseeing installation of a fence around part of our yard. It will contain dogs and kids and keep out cars that try to drive over our septic field.
• Keeping myself busy in Maryland while Peter drives Allison to college in Silicon Valley.
• Driving to St. Louis to deliver an antique china cabinet to my brother.
• Taking over the treasurer duties for the farm. If any of you remember my accounting issues overseeing Girl Scout cookies sales at $3 a box, you’ll understand my apprehension.

With any luck, I will write more about many of these topics in the coming days.

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