Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We’ve Been Busy

Since I last wrote, I’ve been busy taking care of the rest of my life’s issues. The oldest returned from college; the middle is about to graduate from high school; and the youngest has drained us of energy as we helped him through a rough patch. We also listed and sold our house and bought a condo. And I’ve been spending a lot of time at the high school finishing up some volunteer projects. Life in the country really hasn’t been forefront in my thoughts much at all. When thinking of Maryland, I primarily think of my looming lone drive across country to take my car there. I have been ripping audiobooks to my phone to help keep me entertained during the 40-hour drive. I have also been working with Peter to decide what goes to Maryland and what goes to the condo. We are still working on how to get the cat out there and when to schedule a visit by our middle child and her boyfriend. We thought we had this figured out, but then the youngest delivered a health concern that has put a wrench in our plans. This is all to say that I haven’t blogged because I have been more focused on my family and the issues in Washington than on anything in Maryland. I expect to drive out during the last week of June and will spend a week there before returning to Bellevue. My final move there will occur by the end of July, health matters willing. I’m eager to experience the country life on Kathleen’s new boat, so I can blog about life on the river. Stay tuned.